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The keywords divided into relevance and non-correlation. There is also a degree of difference in relevance. Some words are directly related. Some words are only relevant. How to distinguish whether there is a keyword with relevance? So here this article ‘ 6 Tips Let You Set a High Keyword Relevancy’ will give you the best knowledge about relevant keyword Please see the following analysis.

6 Tips to Set a High Keyword Relevancy

1. The product and the keyword must be a thing

The most classic example is the one provided by Alibaba: TRACTOR and TRACTOR PARTS. Do you think these two are the same kind of keywords or products? The two are definitely not the same type; if you are a tractor manufacturer, then if you set the tractor parts as keywords. This is wrong because the tractor is a tractor and the tractor parts are tractor parts, the two can not be confused;

Keyword Relevancy, relevant keyword

So, are you asking: If we also sell tractors and also sell tractor parts? Can’t you add these two keywords at the same time?

The answer is: You can use two keywords at the same time, but the categories of the two keywords cannot be set to the same one. The tractor is a finished product, the parts are non-finished products, and Both are different in the Alibaba classification. If you sell both finished and sell parts, then the tractor’s product category is A, and the tractor parts’ product category is B. The Both must not be set to the same catalog; this is the second point I want to talk about.

2. Keywords, products must be related and consistent with the catalog

The keyword is consistent with the catalog. The simplest expression is that if you are selling a mobile phone professionally. You can’t use the screen of the mobile phone as a keyword. First, you don’t produce a mobile phone at all. Second, even if it is produced, at least Also change the directory to send this keyword. This directory is definitely not the mobile phone directory, this is the mobile phone spare parts directory;

Keyword Relevancy, relevant keyword

Looking back at the words TRACTOR and TRACTOR PARTS, do you think this is the case?


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3. The keywords are consistent with the product title

Keywords and product titles can’t be contradictory. If the keyword is a SINGLE SOFA and the title is DESK, this is obviously not good. Also, the more concealed point is that if the keyword is a SINGLE SOFA. The title is also a SINGLE SOFA, and Don’t appear DOUBLE SOFA. I am not in the home industry, I will give such an example, friends in the furniture industry understand;

Keyword Relevancy, relevant keyword

4. Large industry words can be listed as keywords, but it is best not to use P4P for promotion

The big industry words are furniture, mobile phones, televisions, electronic medical devices, beauty products, etc can use as keywords. Only for natural rankings, unless you are a local tyrant, not bad money, because of such big words Search volume is often extremely large. If P4P is promoted, even if customers may not need your products. There will be a lot of useless clicks. Every click is RMB, but the effect is not at all, so, except for not bad money. Do not use P4P to promote such words;

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Keyword Relevancy, relevant keyword

Why are such words popular? The reason is: these words can cover some customers, especially some new customers. To be honest, old customers, old drivers in the industry will hardly search so. However, some newcomers who join the industry don’t know how to Search. Maybe he wants a sphygmomanometer, but he does input home medical equipment. He wants to know more about home medical products, so the big industry words related to our products, but the keyword relevancy is low, I mentioned in the opening chapter.

5. The most logically relevant keyword is a term that describes product functions, parameters, usage, etc. from a professional perspective.

The most common structure is a professional parameter modifier + core word; take the mobile phone as an example: 8 mp camera Android Smartphone. The mobile phone screen is the most basic parameter for any mobile phone. Therefore, classifying such words as keywords is definitely a top high-relevance keyword;

Keyword Relevancy, relevant keyword

So why do old drivers always emphasize product expertise? The root cause is here. The more you know about the product, the more you know the most intuitive description of the product, the mobile phone as an example, the screen, the memory, the system, the camera, and some more professional parameters, which can directly describe the product performance.

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6. Super big move: Keywords can combine with customer needs

If you set the keywords exactly the same as the customer search, and the order of each word is exactly the same, then your ranking is absolutely top and most advantageous; and if you want to be exactly the same as the customer search, you must the customer wants the most products, that is, the customer’s real needs. UI (customer experience) is almost any mainstream B2B, no, is also the core indicator of any Internet products. UI is good, directly determine our products, website Can not like by customers, customer preference is not only require by Alibaba but also one of the basic needs of customers;

Keyword Relevancy, relevant keyword,

The most powerful thing about this type of setting method is that its rate is very high. Think about it. You want android mobile under 10000. The search can’t find for a long time. As a result, on a certain website, one Enter “android mobile under 10000”, just like this one is selling this, are you ecstatic? Will it click in? Is there a 60% probability of buying this product?

Once the keywords compared with long tails and are more accurate, the search volume will not be very high. However, in the end, there is a high probability that direct orders will be brought. Isn’t this better than those with high exposure and low scores?

The requirements for this point are relatively high. The understanding of the industry, the understanding of customer needs, and the understanding of the Internet definitely very advanced gameplay.

These are the some useful tips to set a highly relevant keyword. I hope this article will help you to set a hig keyword relevancy.


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