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Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing refers to advertisements delivered through digital media such as search engines, websites, social media, email and mobile apps. Using these online media channels, digital marketing is the method by which companies endorse goods, services and brands.

Consumers rely too much on digital tools on research products. For example, Thinking with Google Marketing Insights found that 48% of consumers start their inquiries on search engines, while 33% search on brand websites and 26% in mobile applications.

Here are 8 types of digital marketing:-

#1 SEO(Search Engine Optimization):

This means that you have done what you search on Google so many times that you never visit the second or third page of Google and if you want to gather information directly on the first page of Google, So it is very important that you or your client’s website should rank on the first page of Google. This means increasing the ranking of the blog of a personal website on Google, that process is called SEO.

From search engine optimization, website architecture, UI also comes with a lot of technical techniques that are your website or blog, if you want to rank it on Google, you have to do it SEO. What we call search engine optimization. It has to be ranked on Google.

If you have a product or service, if it is coming on the second or third page, there will be no individual. If your product is not being sold, your revenue will not be generated and if you consider your product website. Appears on the first page of Google. So you will have more traffic, then your cell will be more, with more revenue. SEO indirectly affects all your online presence and sales.

#2 SEM(Search Engine Marketing):                                                        

This means that Google is a search engine. If you want to market your website on the same, that marketing will be paid marketing, it is called search engine marketing which means Google. They are a search engine if you want to market your website on the same. And that marketing will be paid marketing, then we’ll call it SEM.

You’ve noticed that whenever you do a search on Google, mainly three to four results are written AD in a small box in front of them, initially, there’s a small box, which means that Google Money has been paid on those four to five websites. To get top salary. This means that SEM is a paid service, if you want to get your blog to the top of the keyword, you have to pay Google.

If you want to advertise on Google, then you have to pay money on Google ads, this is a platform from which you can run Google ads. You can even run ads on YouTube.

#3 SMO(Social Media Optimization):

Just like you have optimized your website for Google, you have to optimize social media. Through this, your online presence, brand equity, awareness of your product and whatever information your audience knows about your product. And when we bring traffic to the website through social media, then its entire process is called SMO.


In simple language, social media marking is a process. The awareness of your brand, the awareness of the product, marketing about new products through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat are all these social media platforms. Through these social media platforms, when traffic visits your website, the entire process is called SMO.

#4 PPC(Pay Per Click):

Like we told you about SEM, which is Google AdWords, through which you can run ads on Google. They are also a PPC platform. The more clicks you get above your website or above your personal link, the more you have to pay to Google. Hence it is called PPC.

#5 SMM(Social Media Marketing):

We market any product and service through social media. And through social media, they sell the entire process to SMM. You may have noticed that many websites, many ecommerce stores use social media to sell products and services. And to bring its products and services to market, this whole process is called SMM. Marketing and advertising products and services with the help of social media.


#6 Content Marketing:

Content marketing SEO, SMO are the backbone of everything. Whenever you do SEO, you have to refine the content and put keywords in it. The most important thing is that the content is being marketed through content, hence it is called content marketing.

For example, you are referring to a product and services and you have written the entire content of a website. What are the specifications and features, how will they be used. What is the benefit? All is featured on their website, the content that is displayed is the content and the way it is marketed, we call it content marketing.

#7 Email Marketing:

Email marketing means using your email to market your brand and market your product or spread awareness. A relationship by email is a personal relationship building. Therefore email marketing is still used a lot today. What tools to use for email and how to do it. What is automation to use which membership? How automatic mail works within email automation and email marketing.

#8 Influencer and Affiliate Marketing:

Tools for influencer Marketing. If you have some fans, some followers, you have few subscribers on YouTube, you can easily do impressive marketing. You can also do affiliate marketing. As you have seen many times, those celebrities post something so that some products can be used such as the shoes are a t-shirt by the protagonist. Or a watch. Indirect marketing means through social media, this is called effective marketing.

The means of affiliate marketing are the products and services of any company you sell. So some particular commission is available for example if you market through an Amazon affiliate. And when you enroll in the affiliate program, you get a link to a product. If an individual purchased that product from a personal link, you will get some commission. This is called affiliate marketing.

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