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This article gives you a complete overview of Bulk Email Marketing Vs Bulk SMS Marketing. Bulk Email Service and Bulk SMS Service have known terms to all. Actually, these terms are mostly used by businesses who want to promote their services. Bulk Email Service and Bulk SMS Service are considered one of the cheapest marketing tools for reaching large groups of people. For some the value of both looks similar, however, the outcome of using one or another is different. Strategy and marketing activities might look similar from an angle, however, ultimately they just look similar.

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Bulk Email Marketing VS Bulk SMS Marketing

What is Bulk Email Marketing?

Bulk Email Marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to a group of people using email. Or in other words, it is considered email marketing whenever the company sends any kind of commercial message to a group of people.

There are a few most common approaches such as advertisements, requests for business, sales, or donation solicitation. Any kind of email communications includes email marketing as long as it helps build customer loyalty, trust in product or brand

With email marketing, you can easily and quickly reach target markets without any bigger investments. With a great email marketing software, it is possible to create and maintain an email list that is even segmented depends on your needs and preferences. At the same time, you are able to send emails to a specific target group from your list, providing personalized messages, based on their preferences and requests. This helps to promote trust and loyalty to a company while also increasing sales.

What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing is a technique one of the best inform users about promotions or delivery arrivals or pick up times. However, it limits to only these applications, as they say, the sky is the limit. It could be used as a notification in case of wildfires or earthquakes or retails could use their large number of data about the customers to personalize promotions for the shoppers and so on. Besides the important contextual information, SMS API’S use as in a two-way or one on one communication between brands and their customers right on the spot, hassle free.

By providing a communication channel that is familiar to users, companies can engage with their customers on their terms. Additionally, because of the worldwide reach, it is a popular use for the user authentications. Scenarios such as number verification and two-factor are main uses for SMS because these days it can reach everybody, everywhere and in a way that everyone is familiar with.

Email Marketing Vs Bulk SMS: Who Wins?

Open Rates

One of the biggest differences between SMS and email marketing is the rate of messages that get open. For email marketing, only about 22% of emails are open. For SMS marketing, on the other hand, an impressive 98% of messages are open and read. It’s not hard to see why. Every day, our email inboxes are full with dozens (if not hundreds) of emails. Most people subscribe to a number of email newsletters and coupons from their favorite brands, so your email campaigns have a huge amount of competition.

Furthermore, these emails are often getting sort into spam or “promotions” folders away from the main inbox. Too often, your intended recipient won’t even read your subject line. SMS campaigns, on the other hand, go straight to your recipient’s inbox. In most cases, the user is going to be notified by a tone or vibration and see your message immediately. A text message is more direct and less likely to be in a flood of media. That means your carefully crafted campaign is over 8 times as likely to actually reach your target customers.

Click Through Rates

Once you actually get a potential customer to read your message, you want them to click a link to your online shop, a coupon, or other pages. SMS marketing beats out email marketing in click-through rates as well. According to MailChimp, average click-through rates for email campaigns range from 1.3% to 4.7% depending on the industry. For SMS marketing, click-through rates are typically between 19% and 36%. Those numbers speak to SMS marketing being much more effective, delivering a better return on your marketing efforts.

Campaign Strategy

Email and SMS marketing work best with different campaign strategies. With email marketing, you generally increase your open rates as you send more campaigns. Most brands that depend on email marketing send at least one email a day. Sending more emails helps to build a sense of brand familiarity and get your messages to stand out the crowd of emails. With SMS marketing, on the other hand, it’s generally better to send a smaller, carefully crafted group of messages.

Typically, about once a week is the most successful. Because texts are more personal, recipients can start to feel hounded or spammed when they receive too many texts. If you are going to switch from email marketing to SMS marketing (or use both), it’s important to keep these differences in mind to keep both kinds of campaign effectiveness. Finally, i can say in Email Marketing Vs Bulk SMS no one wins but your desire wins.

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