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In today’s blog, we will talk about how to bring traffic on a new blog. A lot of people have a problem that we have also written a new blog and are continuously posting posts but traffic is not coming. There can be many reasons for not getting traffic, but today in this blog we will tell what you should do so that start getting traffic to the blog. bring traffic on a new blog

Tips to bring Traffic to a New Blog

1. Focus on Long Tail Keyword

bring traffic on a New Blog

The first tip is to focus on the long-tail keyword, don’t target a short keyword. Long-tail keywords should not be two to three words long, must be at least 5 to 8 words long which increases the chances of ranking. bring traffic on a new blog

As we take an example, write a blog on the best email marketing company keyword, but write a blog on the Best email marketing companies over the 1000 companies available because it has become a full long-tail keyword. bring traffic on a new blog

2. Do Interview with Trending/Popular Personalities

The second tip, if you want to bring instant traffic on a new blog then there is a right way, whatever niche is related to your blog or any topic on which you are creating a blog, take an interview of trending blogger or those who are famous in that field and publish it in your blog.

You must be wondering what would be the benefit? The benefit is when anyone searching for that person your blog will come or if that person whom you take his/her interview will share your article on their social media platform or anywhere you get traffic from that side too. bring traffic on a new blog

Don’t take everyone’s interview, take which is related to that niche and popular in that particular field. People love to watch interview videos and want to learn and inspired from them, then this will increase your audience. bring traffic on a new blog

3. Crate Youtube Video on the Same Topic

The third tip, make a YouTube video related to the subject on which you are creating a blog or article. So you can give a link to your article in the description of your YouTube video, then your audience will be redirected to your blog post. Also, publish your youtube video on your blog or article and those who are reading your blog will also watch your video, it’s called Cross Promotion. bring traffic on a new blog

The blog on which the video is placed increases the engagement rate of that blog and Google ranks that blog quickly.

4. Use Push Notification Tool

You have prepared the blog, but if there is a visitor coming on the blog, then you are able to know who they are, they are able to gather it, then put a push notification for it. You can use One-signal Pugin for push notifications. When someone opens your blog, a notification pop-up window appears that has two options block and allow. If any person clicks on the allow option, every time you put a new blog on your site, every customer will get a notification of each blog through the notification plugin.bring traffic on a new blog

bring traffic on a New Blog

When all subscribers receiving notification, your blog will get faster traffic. Also, use an email newsletter where the visitor can subscribe to an email newsletter after submitting their email address and name. With the help of an email newsletter, you can organically collect the email address of your audience and after collecting it you can send emails of new blogs. bring traffic on a new blog

5. Social Media Branding

You can create a page on the social media platform with the name of your website or your blog site, a social medial platform like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, and so on. Share the link of your blog on these social media platforms, it will increase your reach and improve traffic. bring traffic on a new blog

bring traffic on a New Blog

6. Facebook Group

If you have not yet created a Facebook group under the name of your blog, then create a Facebook group. Now share your blog’s niche related content on your Facebook group. Then the person who likes your content will start to join your Facebook group gradually. This will help in building your brand and as the brand is built, your traffic will also start increasing. bring traffic on a new blog

You can also join other people’s Facebook group which is very famous and many people are involved in it.

7. Write Blog After Keyword Research

The most important tip is that whenever you make a blog, always do keyword research first. For keyword research, you can also use tools like Uber suggest, Ahref, Semrush, Kwfinder, and many more. While doing keyword research, pay attention to the monthly search volume and the SEO difficulty of that keyword and choose that keyword which has a high monthly search volume and less SEO difficulty.

8. Write High CTR Title (Attractive)

Many people pay a lot of attention to the title and thumbnail. So whenever you are writing a blog, its title should be quite attractive. So if the title is attractive, then people will definitely open your blog as soon as they read the title. An appealing title matters a lot this called CTR, as much as your CTR is high and engagement rate is also high your article rank on google as soon as possible.

9. Write For Users

Never write a blog for Google or not for any search engine, always write blogs for users. Write the content in the blog in such a way that when the user reads, it should be felt that the content is very valuable and has a good experience.

10. Guest Posting

This is an old method and is also famous, but you can use it even today to bring traffic to your blog. Contact the website owner who allows for a guest posting, and tell them that you provide a high-quality article and if they agree, then their audience liked your content on their website, then they will definitely come to your site to read more articles. bring traffic on a new blog

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