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Integrate and deliver Emails with Migosmtp’s Email API


Integrate with support from multiple development frameworks and client libraries, including Node.js, Perl, Ruby, Python, PHP, Java, and C#.

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MIGOSMTP Provides best SMTP EMAIL API Services

Integrate and deliver Emails with Migosmtp’s Email API

Migosmtp’s flexible SMTP Relay setup and customizable integration with Email API is perfect for your transactional emails.

CURLOPT_POSTFIELDS => “{“personalizations”:[{“recipient”:””}],”from”:{“fromEmail”:””,”fromName”:”MyCompany”},”subject”:”Test email from Migosmtp”,”content”:”Hi, This is my first test mail”,}”,
“api_key: “,
“content-type: application/json”

$response = curl_exec($curl);
$err = curl_error($curl);
if ($err) {
echo “cURL Error #:” . $err;
} else {
echo $response;

var client = new RestClient(“”); var request = new RestRequest(Method.POST); request.AddHeader(“api_key”, “”); request.AddHeader(“content-type”, “application/json”); request.AddParameter(“application/json”, “{“personalizations”:[{“recipient”:””}],”from”:{“fromEmail”:””,”fromName”:”MyCompany”},”subject”:”Test email from Migosmtp”,”content”:”Hi, This is my first test mail”,}”, ParameterType.RequestBody); IRestResponse response = client.Execute(request);

require ‘uri’
require ‘net/http’
url = URI(“”)
http =, url.port)
http.use_ssl = true
http.verify_mode = OpenSSL::SSL::VERIFY_NONE
request =
request[“content-type”] = ‘application/json’
request[“api_key”] = ”
request.body = “{“personalizations”:[{“recipient”:””}],”from”:{“fromEmail”:””,”fromName”:”MyCompany”},”subject”:”Test email from Migosmtp”,”content”:”Hi, This is my first test mail”,}”
response = http.request(request)
puts response.read_body

var http = require(“https”);

var options = {
“method”: “POST”,
“hostname”: “”,
“port”: null,
“path”: “/v2/sendEmail”,
“headers”: {
“content-type”: “application/json”,
“api_key”: “”

var req = http.request(options, function (res) {
var chunks = [];

res.on(“data”, function (chunk) {

res.on(“end”, function () {
var body = Buffer.concat(chunks);

req.write(JSON.stringify({ personalizations:
[ { recipient: ‘’} ],
from: { fromEmail: ‘’, fromName: ‘YourCompanyName’ },
subject: ‘Test email from Pepipost’,
content: ‘Hi, This is my first test email’,

import http.client
conn = http.client.HTTPSConnection(“”)
payload = “{“personalizations”:[{“recipient”:””}],”from”:{“fromEmail”:””,”fromName”:”MyCompany”},”subject”:”Test email from Migosmtp”,”content”:”Hi, This is my first test mail”,}”

headers = {
‘content-type’: “application/json”,
‘api_key’: “”

conn.request(“POST”, “/v2/sendEmail”, payload, headers)
res = conn.getresponse()
data =

HttpResponse response =“”)

.header(“content-type”, “application/json”)
.header(“api_key”, “”)
.body(“{“personalizations”:[{“recipient”:””}],”from”:{“fromEmail”:””,”fromName”:”MyCompany”},”subject”:”Test email from Migosmtp”,”content”:”Hi, This is my first test mail”,}”)

curl –request POST
–header ‘api_key: ‘
–header ‘content-type: application/json’
–data ‘{“personalizations”:[{“recipient”:””}],”from”:{“fromEmail”:””,”fromName”:”MyCompany”},”subject”:”This is a test email”,”content”:”Hi, this is my first test mail”}’

Highly Secure & Reliable

Managing your own SMTP servers can be time-consuming and costly. Whether you’re looking to cut back on ownership costs or future-proof your email program, a cloud-based SMTP service is a great solution. Rather than footing the bill for things like hardware and maintenance, MigoSMTP takes care of the details by managing all of that internally and in-house so you can focus on your core business.

  • Fully Encrypted
  • Bounce track
  • Incoming Routes
  • Webooks
  • Subdomain Sender
  • Dedicated IP Pool
  • Multiple Data Centers
  • Delivery Report
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Features you would like

10 years of Research and Development our platform have many features along with advance features support

Our SMTP Service use Sender Validation and authentications

You can Deploy multiple SMTP Under one Organization

You can deploy Sandbox SMTP to troubleshoot coneectivity

Webhooks can be used to take the status of Email and sent to your another application

Get All SMTP Reports including Attachment Pattern and raw header

Can use Multiple Sender Domains according your requirements

Webhooks- For real-time tracking

Define the callback URL for each email event like delivered, bounced, opens, etc. Your system will get real-time feeds of your email activities. Email doesn’t have to be one-way communication.

Track responses in real-time and take action. Tracking bounces through Webhooks is a perfect use case to be implemented in your signup forms.

When someone uses the signup form and hits the submit button, you can send a confirmation email. If the bounce webhook is triggered, simply display a warning on the sign-up page to change the email address.

What is an Email API?

Through an email API (Application Programming Interface) a user can access the various functionalities an email sending platform is offering. For example dashboard metrics, generating emails, accessing templates, etc.

Most applications use SMTP to send emails, a developer may use an Email API to gain access to programmatic features of an email platform and leverage extra capabilities that are not offered to the legacy protocols.


Get prompt responses from a friendly, professional and knowledgable support team.

What is a transactional email?

Transactional emails are unique, automated emails that are triggered by user action on your application or website. It completes an agreed-upon transaction between you and your customer. Eg., order confirmation emails, email verification, OTP emails.

Difference between transactional emails and marketing emails

Marketing emails are bulk emails that relay the same information to multiple recipients with the intent of promotion of a service or product. Eg., newsletters, offer emails etc. In contrast, transactional emails contain personalized information are sent in response to user action.

How to send a transactional email?

For higher engagement, you can use a dedicated transactional email sending service like Migo SMTP, to send transactional emails. Once you’ve signed up to Migo SMTP, you can choose how to send transactional emails to your user — SMTP or Email APIs.

Why do I need a transactional email service?

Email deliverability is a consequence of a sender’s IP reputation and sending marketing emails that are marked as spam can ruin this reputation. By using a dedicated transactional email service, you can build a good IP reputation and ensure speedy delivery of your transactional emails.

Does Migo SMTP provide dedicated IPs?

While a well-managed and shared IP address gives a higher chance of great deliverability, certain businesses with high email volume, may require a dedicated IP. You can contact us to learn more about which option serves your purpose better.

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