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Make your email delivery faster with our SMTP Service

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Our SMTP Platform Highly Secured

Our SMTP Platform and API are highly secured with setting up all authentications like DKIM, SPF, DMARC, BIMI

Transactional emails

Some of the uses of  smtp service

Each high-volume sender receives a dedicated account manager, a tailored IP-warming and volume ramp-up plan, and access to expert support.

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Send Signup Emails

Increase sign ups by reducing opt in confirmation latency and improve onboarding metrics.

Order Confirmations

Build brand value and credibility by sending order and billing details on time.

Send Account Summary

Bring users back by sending on-time status updates on their account and product usage.

Send Payment Reminder

Send follow up emails in sync with web or mobile service notifications.

High Volume Sender ?

The needs of our high volume senders are unique. We’ll set you up with a rapidly scalable, on-demand solution for your sending requirements.

  • Fully Encrypted
  • A 100% dedicated IP and MTA
  • No shared mail queue
  • Callbacks/webhooks and notifications
  • Email API
  • Instant Setup
  • Easy scalability
  • Multiple Data Centers
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We make you Email delivery ultra productive

Maximize your email capabilities with our reliable SMTP service. Enjoy seamless communication with top-notch delivery rates.

  1. Benefits of Using SMTP Service
    • Increased Deliverability
    • Improved Email Reputation
    • Enhanced Email Security
    • Scalability
    • Real-time Reporting
  2. Why Choose Our SMTP Service?

    Our SMTP service offers 24/7 support, 99.9% uptime, and advanced features such as personalized domains and IP rotation.

Start Implement SMTP in your APP

We help you create and manage all you smtp settings in your web application

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Get prompt responses from a friendly, professional and knowledgable support team.

What is SMTP and how does it work?

SMTP is a communication protocol used for sending email messages from one server to another. It is responsible for handling the delivery of messages from the sender’s email client to the recipient’s email client. SMTP servers communicate with each other using a set of predefined commands to transfer email messages from one server to another.

Why do I need an SMTP service?

An SMTP service is necessary because it provides a reliable way to send emails from your email client to the recipient’s email client. Without an SMTP service, email messages could be lost or delivered to the wrong recipient. An SMTP service also provides a secure way to send emails, as it supports encryption and authentication methods to protect sensitive information.

What are the different types of SMTP services available?

There are two main types of SMTP services: free SMTP services and paid SMTP services. Free SMTP services are usually limited in terms of features and deliverability, while paid SMTP services offer more features and improved deliverability. Additionally, some SMTP services also offer API access, which allows you to integrate the service into your own application or website.

How do I choose the right SMTP service for my needs?

When choosing an SMTP service, consider your specific needs, such as the number of emails you need to send per day, the size of your mailing list, and the level of deliverability you require. It’s also important to consider the security and privacy features offered by the SMTP service, as well as the level of customer support and technical assistance they provide.

How do I set up and use an SMTP service?

The process for setting up and using an SMTP service varies depending on the service provider and the email client you are using. Generally, you will need to sign up for an SMTP service, configure your email client to use the SMTP server provided by the service, and then start sending emails. The SMTP service provider will provide specific instructions and support for setting up and using their service.

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