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How Email Marketing is Helpful in Education Sector?

How Email Marketing is Helpful in Education Sector?

In this article, We will focus on How Email marketing is Helpful in the Education Sector.

Email marketing plays an important role to maximize conversions in the education sector. Marketers continue their complex relationship with email. Because there is no denying that it is an effective channel to engage with teachers. Therefore, to maintain its effectiveness there is a need for constant attention to the behavior of the teacher.

Why Email Marketing in Education Sector?

Today almost all individuals use mobile phones. Typically, students use their handsets to check email. In the education sector, email marketing is important. Through email, students receive all the information about schools or colleges. However, email marketing offers solutions for the education sector to create newspapers for focused mailing lists, send fundraising requests and event updates.

Higher education email marketing can be a blissful business, but it is also something marketing managers should be versed in the education sector.

How Email Marketing is Helpful in Education Sector?

For many Education Industries in India, it serves as the lead generator tool and gives an opportunity to create an Education Industries reputation. Demographics and increased mobility of students, as well as the increasing cost of higher education in many countries.   It not only helps the students to be aware but also lets the parents stay involved in the education of their children. Following are some of the elements of email marketing helpful for the education sector.

1. Cost-Effective

Email marketing is cost-effective marketing in the world of marketing. Educational Sector can avail the chance of spending less and achieving more by implementing email marketing for their business. It will target a larger number of audiences. Although, A number of other options like social media, search engine optimization, email marketing, and SMS marketing can be implied as well.

2. Conversion Rate High

online educational marketing structures obtain an excessive conversion price. So, Messaging structures like SMS and e-mails are a number of the sorts of digital advertising that acquire a high response fee because of the reality that they’re private and educational sector can easily reach their focused target market in a powerful manner.

3. Increase Brand Awareness

Marketing is the first-rate manner to generate logo attention through social media platforms like FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and so forth. Also, they incorporate an extra section of the audience. this will assist enhance fans and improve the conversion rate as well.

4. Online Reputation

However, this can be carried out by using selling fine blogs, taking pictures of motion pictures, garnering testimonials from achievers and splendid inspirational personalities, gaining and imposing alumni comments, and promoting high-quality campus information to gain the eye of the audience.

5. Promote through paid channels

Search and display advertisements are one of the handiest ways to market an academic institution. So, Lead technology can yield extra outcomes through ad campaigns. Because it directs a massive phase of the net audience closer to your website. Almost, that is the most appropriate way to pressure visitors to the internet site. Also, the usage of relevant and satisfactory keywords will even help in growing the full variety of impressions.

 Why Mailcot?

The Education Business industry has taken a huge leap with the advent of technology in the past few years. Email Marketing is playing a very important role. For many Education Industries in India, it serves as the lead generator tool and gives an opportunity to create an Education Industries reputation. Education Industries in India growing on a very instant level, So Mailcot Higher Education Email Marketing Services & University Email Marketing Services is the more preferable method for Education Industries leads. And to be on top every Education Industries are competing against each other, So we have well-designed Emails Templates (either it is transactional or Marketing Email) work. Higher Education Email MarketingUniversity Email Marketing lets Student to the Education Industries product or service information and generates more and more revenue by selling these products and services.



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8 Types of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing refers to advertisements delivered through digital media such as search engines, websites, social media, email and mobile apps. Using these online media channels, digital marketing is the method by which companies endorse goods, services and brands.

Consumers rely too much on digital tools on research products. For example, Thinking with Google Marketing Insights found that 48% of consumers start their inquiries on search engines, while 33% search on brand websites and 26% in mobile applications.

Here are 8 types of digital marketing:-

#1 SEO(Search Engine Optimization):

This means that you have done what you search on Google so many times that you never visit the second or third page of Google and if you want to gather information directly on the first page of Google, So it is very important that you or your client’s website should rank on the first page of Google. This means increasing the ranking of the blog of a personal website on Google, that process is called SEO.

From search engine optimization, website architecture, UI also comes with a lot of technical techniques that are your website or blog, if you want to rank it on Google, you have to do it SEO. What we call search engine optimization. It has to be ranked on Google.

If you have a product or service, if it is coming on the second or third page, there will be no individual. If your product is not being sold, your revenue will not be generated and if you consider your product website. Appears on the first page of Google. So you will have more traffic, then your cell will be more, with more revenue. SEO indirectly affects all your online presence and sales.

#2 SEM(Search Engine Marketing):                                                        

This means that Google is a search engine. If you want to market your website on the same, that marketing will be paid marketing, it is called search engine marketing which means Google. They are a search engine if you want to market your website on the same. And that marketing will be paid marketing, then we’ll call it SEM.

You’ve noticed that whenever you do a search on Google, mainly three to four results are written AD in a small box in front of them, initially, there’s a small box, which means that Google Money has been paid on those four to five websites. To get top salary. This means that SEM is a paid service, if you want to get your blog to the top of the keyword, you have to pay Google.

If you want to advertise on Google, then you have to pay money on Google ads, this is a platform from which you can run Google ads. You can even run ads on YouTube.

#3 SMO(Social Media Optimization):

Just like you have optimized your website for Google, you have to optimize social media. Through this, your online presence, brand equity, awareness of your product and whatever information your audience knows about your product. And when we bring traffic to the website through social media, then its entire process is called SMO.


In simple language, social media marking is a process. The awareness of your brand, the awareness of the product, marketing about new products through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat are all these social media platforms. Through these social media platforms, when traffic visits your website, the entire process is called SMO.

#4 PPC(Pay Per Click):

Like we told you about SEM, which is Google AdWords, through which you can run ads on Google. They are also a PPC platform. The more clicks you get above your website or above your personal link, the more you have to pay to Google. Hence it is called PPC.

#5 SMM(Social Media Marketing):

We market any product and service through social media. And through social media, they sell the entire process to SMM. You may have noticed that many websites, many ecommerce stores use social media to sell products and services. And to bring its products and services to market, this whole process is called SMM. Marketing and advertising products and services with the help of social media.


#6 Content Marketing:

Content marketing SEO, SMO are the backbone of everything. Whenever you do SEO, you have to refine the content and put keywords in it. The most important thing is that the content is being marketed through content, hence it is called content marketing.

For example, you are referring to a product and services and you have written the entire content of a website. What are the specifications and features, how will they be used. What is the benefit? All is featured on their website, the content that is displayed is the content and the way it is marketed, we call it content marketing.

#7 Email Marketing:

Email marketing means using your email to market your brand and market your product or spread awareness. A relationship by email is a personal relationship building. Therefore email marketing is still used a lot today. What tools to use for email and how to do it. What is automation to use which membership? How automatic mail works within email automation and email marketing.

#8 Influencer and Affiliate Marketing:

Tools for influencer Marketing. If you have some fans, some followers, you have few subscribers on YouTube, you can easily do impressive marketing. You can also do affiliate marketing. As you have seen many times, those celebrities post something so that some products can be used such as the shoes are a t-shirt by the protagonist. Or a watch. Indirect marketing means through social media, this is called effective marketing.

The means of affiliate marketing are the products and services of any company you sell. So some particular commission is available for example if you market through an Amazon affiliate. And when you enroll in the affiliate program, you get a link to a product. If an individual purchased that product from a personal link, you will get some commission. This is called affiliate marketing.

For more related information, than you can check out this link migomail and telcob.


What are the Objectives of Marketing?

Hello friend, in today’s blog we will understand and learn about the objectives of marketing.  A great marketing plan should have a list of strategic and clear objectives of marketing.

As long as you know that your products and services are lurking in these four marketing objectives, then you are going to fail in marketing.

Objectives of Marketing are the set goals of a brand. Job Seeker, freelancer, and for business owner use marketing tricks on their own respective business, need to understand these four objectives of marketing.

Four Objectives of Marketing are:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Purchase
  4. Loyalty

Objectives of Marketing

Before understanding these four objectives of marketing. First I will give an example for better understanding.

I provide the service of email marketing, do you buy our service, while you do not know who I am, and do you still buy our service. Our competitors are Sendinblue, Sendgrid, Mailjet, and many more which are providing the best email marketing services, will you guys still buy me, no matter how much I say that I’m the best in the market.

You will not buy right! There will be many factors that will not let you buy my product.  The most important factor will be trust because:

  • New to Market (just newly enter in the market )
  • No Records (there is no previous history )
  • No testimonial (no customer review)

There will be many factors that will prevent you from purchasing our services or product. If I directly jump on the third objective which is a purchase, no matter how much offer I give or how much discount I give to customers, no one can buy our services.

So the first step should be towards awareness.


My first task will be to create trust in the eyes of the viewer for our service. So we will write a blog to raise awareness, educate them and provide knowledge. First focus on content marketing more, so along with display ads which we will run all over the social media accounts or on the internet, I will make sure that I am running a campaign on creating trust as much as possible. So I will write a blog on all the topics which are related to my services.

For example, My company provides services of Email Marketing, so I will write all the blogs related to Email Marketing topics like, What is Email Marketing, How does Email Marketing work? Importance of Email Marketing, Why Email Marketing services are beneficial for your business, and so on.  We will be writing more and more topics to get more trust factor.

2. Consideration

Now the second step to move to the Consideration stage. When in the consideration stage exactly now is the time to tell about your product and services. Introduce your product, tell USPS about your product why you are the best in the market. So keep telling people about this type of product and services, share real testimonials like A company was offering offers on some of its products, and it had to convey the information of the offer to all its customers, then that company used our email marketing service to pass that offer to its customers and the company’s sales also increased.

If I share this type of real testimonial in front of my audience, then what will come to the mind of the viewer?

  • Email Marketing is the best channel
  • Increase sale
  • Reached more and more people
  • Build Trust

When we are in the consideration stage, this is a stage we still don’t push out your product but you focus more on will people buy or will people not buy. So first is the awareness we have to tell people that you exist in the market, second is the consideration stage you will just let people consider about your product by introducing about your product and services feature and advantages.

3. Purchase

When in the purchase stage, now this time to need ROI (Return on Investment). Now you want to get back the money how much you spend on the awareness and consideration stage. Now is the right time where you can offer 50% off, 30% off, 70% off, buy-one-get-one-free, Hurry Up! 3 days left, with all these types of offers people will buy your products in the market and engage with them because you spend enough of time spent in both the stages awareness and consideration stage.

Now this time to focus on Return on Investment (ROI) and when people will buy your product or services then move to the fourth stage loyalty.

4. Loyalty

In loyalty focus on customer who already use our product and services, it’s easy for us to target someone who has already consumed and used our product or services because someone who already used our product the CPA which is the cost per acquisition comes down and falls down drastically of our company. Target a new customer every time there is a cost involved because he/she traveled from awareness, consideration, purchase, and loyalty.

Target someone who has already buy and use our product, it’s pretty easy to convince them back to use your product again.

Fun facts, for all the companies 90 to 95% of the business comes from the loyal programs, comes from their retention customers. So, when in the loyalty stage try to build a good loyal program for existing customers


What did we learn today? There are the four Objectives of Marketing, which are:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Purchase
  • Loyalty

These all four objectives are customer cycle for all companies. This is how you nurture a client, remember initially I told you, just directly selling out something to your customer won’t help you in your direct sell but when you nurture your customer from awareness, consideration, purchase, and loyalty turn you become a successful marketing strategist in this Digital world.


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Top Free Email Marketing Blogs

Email marketing is the most important marketing strategy of digital marketing, converting a lot of people into customers by sending mail, and can also turn a one time buyer into a permanent buyer.

Use Email Marketing Services to grow your business by creating a great email marketing plan and run an email marketing campaign. Engage customer by sending latest updates, offers or promotion coupons via email.

Today in this article, we will talk about the best email marketing blog. You can read email marketing blog from these website and get daily updates and information about what is happening in the world of email marketing.

Lets Start!

email marketing blogs

Top Best Email Marketing Blogs

1. Mailcot

MailCot is #1 Best Email Marketing Agency. Mailcot established in the year 2012 with the aim of providing a professional Best Email Marketing Agency in India. Since then, the Agency has developed into an established and well-known Best Email Marketing Agency in 8 years with customers around the world. Some major countries where we currently offer our email marketing services are North America (USA), AustraliaUKSingaporeCanadaUnited Arab Emirates, and India.

  • Honestly and fairly done Email Marketing with Mailcot Email Marketing Services.
  • Best Email Marketing Software in India.
  • Send ‘n’ numbers of Transactional Email.
  • Mailcot have world class and reliable Cloud-based Promotional SMTP Server.
  • Provide a tool which helps to monitor a email campaign result.

Read Mailcot’s blog, everyday it post knowledgeable blogs related to email marketing


Blogs: Resources/Latest Insights

Email Marketing Blogs

2. Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor is Email Marketing Software, provide a email marketing to organization for growing their business. Popular Email Marketing Services provider and also maintain blogs. Always post blogs related to email marketing tips, tech, rules, trends, working policy.

Blog Direction: Blogs

Email Marketing Blogs

3. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is counted among the most popular email marketing service provider company. Mailchimp provides email marketing services to all types of businesses, small or large scale business.

If you want to get good information about the field of email marketing, it is only through Mailchimp’s blog that you can get better information. Mailchimp is always posting software updates and news along with its culture. You always get useful information in Mailchimp’s blogs.

Blogs Direction: Resources/Blogs

Email Marketing Blogs

4. Mailbakery

Mailbakery is famous for coding email templates and newsletter designing. Mailbakery’s blog whole concentration on Email Marketing. Many ways of email marketing blogs will be found in Mailbakery, different-different email marketing topics, guides an tutorials on email marketing.

Blogs Direction: Blogs

Email Marketing Services

5. Marketo

Marketo is popular in Email Marketing Automation including lead generation, mobile marketing, consumer marketing and many more. It maintains the blogs well, which is very helpful in marketing strategy

It write a blog more in email marketing automation filed where it include mobile marketing, custom marketing, customer marketing and many more in the field of email marketing automaton.

Blog Direction: Resources/Marketo Blogs

Email Marketing Blogs

6. MailJet

“Everything Email, Every Week”

MailJet provides different types of marketing solutions, such as email marketing automation, SMS marketing automation and provide other email tools to the organization which help teams to manage and control email campaigns. It also manage blogs related to a Email Marketing and post blogs on regular basis.

In MailJet blogs we find helpful tutorials and guide blogs in the filed of email marketing and also find useful blogs on A/B testing and email tracking blogs.

Blogs Direction: Resources/blogs

Email Marketing Blogs

7. HubSpot

HubSpot is a very well known platform, it also provides a lot of marketing solutions to the business. HubSpot’s blog are very popular, its blogs known as a brand blog. HubSpot has made a name in the world of marketing and is a source of reliable information.

Blog Direction: Resources/blogs

Email Marketing Blogs

8. Litmus

Litmus is known for email testing on different devices and screens. It is also capable of providing better services. Litmus’s blogs are of good content and you can read blogs everyday. Get great tips and resources related to email marketing, include information about conference, webinar, events and product updates, offers and much more knowledgeable content.

Blog Direction: Resources/Blog

Email Marketing Blogs

9. Sendinblue

Sendinblue also provides a lot of email send services such as email marketing automation campaigns, promotional emails, transactional mail and also provides a tool to monitor a email marketing result.

Sendinblue also maintain a blog section, there blog writing skill is commendable. Post a blog on a daily basis and blogs related to a tips and advice of email marketing, digital marketing strategy, GDPR, transactional email, SMTP server, promotional mail and many more.

Blog Direction: Resources/Blogs

Email Marketing Blogs

10. Sendgrid

Sendgrid is very famous in providing email marketing services. It offers a suite of tools to use to create attractive email campaigns also include email automation, signup forms, email testing, email design, email templates or email design and also provide Email API’s

Sendgrid’s blogs are also very useful, they also provide the latest updates about email marketing. We keep getting a lot of technical updates from Sendgrid’s blog. Must follow sendgrid’s blog and always stay in touch with email marketing information.

Blog Direction: Resources/Blog

Email Marketing Blogs


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