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Do we know how many times we open our phones in a day? The average is 58 times we pick our phones in a day.

80% of people check their phones as soon as they wake up in the morning. 90% of people open a text SMS. According to these Statistics, we analyze that Why and How SMS marketing plays a significant role n our business.

Today we will understand SMS marketing in-depth, what is SMS marketing, and its importance.

Now, Are you all ready then start!

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing for business marketing intent sends transaction messages and promotional messages using text SMS. SMS sends SMS for marketing updates, season sales, or any alerts but only when the customer has allowed this.

SMS marketing

When you listen to SMS marketing, it seems like it will be very difficult to do, but now we will see how it can be done easily.

What are the best ways of SMS marketing?

1.Find out if your customer has allowed SMS or not

This is the most impressive way to maintain a direct relationship with the customer. Plan SMS marketing strategy to maintain a relationship with the customer. The most intriguing and important thing is that it is necessary to get contact permission before sending SMS. The opening rate of SMS is high, but it does not work when your contacts do not want to receive SMS and still get SMS in their phone.

2. Having a perfect time to send a message

People look at their phones immediately as soon as they get an SMS notification, but it does not happen with email. So this is a very effective marketing strategy, but it should not be misused that you are ever sending SMS to your contacts. First of all, evaluate the time at which time we can send SMS to the contact. If you send an SMS at 3 pm, this will not be the right way. In many cities, there are some days when text SMS is not allowed and after some time you cannot send SMS. Take care of all these things

3. Mention Company Name 

Some companies send messages in the name of shortcode, the customer does not know from which company the message has been received.

SMS marketing

You need to keep in mind that whenever a contact receives a message, it needs to know from which company it is receiving the message. Always send messages in the name of the company.

SMS marketing


4. Use SMS marketing for Sensitive Information

Digital marketing is a platform through which we can always be in touch with our customers. This is an all-business marketing strategy, because of which you can build a relationship with the customer and take the business to a good level.

Email Marketing and SMS Marketing service work is same, email marketing is used when providing detailed information with images, video, and long text whereas SMS marketing is used to give urgent information or any time-based information.

What is the Impact of SMS Marketing?

1.More Use of Smartphone 

We see that 80 percent of the people in the country are using smartphones, SMS is a good way to contact people directly. You can increase the reach of our website by giving a link.

2. No Internet connection needed

If there is no internet connection or it becomes expensive, it will not have a huge impact on SMS marketing because SMS will continue to be received by the customer.

3. More Engagement Rates 

SMS has a higher engagement rate than email. 90 percent SMS is seen within three minutes time, that’s’ why its engagement rate is high.

4. Shot Text Format Works

Whenever wants to send an instant SMS message and in short test form, use this marketing strategy, and its work effectively.

Where is SMS marketing used?

1. E-commerce: The best way is to bring the customer to your store through coupons and promotions. You have offered a sale or coupon for a short time and want this information to reach as many people as possible. SMS is the most effective way to make this offer available to all.

2. Important Information: Important information such as, if any money is deducted from your bank account, you should get an SMS, or buy something, then you have to get an SMS of the purchase details, or send generated code through SMS.

3. Appointment Information: Give an interview appointment schedule time through SMS

4. Phone Network Information: When people put an internet recharge on their phone, then they get the message of internet activation through SMS. We get to know about the offer of internet data recharge through SMS, or the remainder of the completion of an internet data pack is also known through SMS.

You pick up your phone and open a text message app and see that we get information about everything through SMS only.

Which Company Give Best Bulk SMS Marketing Services

Telcob provides you the best SMS Marketing Services, I think it sounds boring because each company has the same line ‘WE provide the best services in blhaa blhaa area‘. But how you all believe that why telcob is best, now we take a look of our customer feedback who currently use our service.

SMS marketing SMS marketing

SMS marketing

SMS marketing

Now you can see that the customer is also happy to use Telcob’s Bulk SMS service.

Today, spend a little money for your business and see growth in it and enjoy Telcob’s service.

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