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Three or four years ago, many analysts foresee that SEO would be replaced by the emerging marketing approach of content marketing. Indeed, many search agencies have rebranded and increased the weight of their own expertise. But this is not to say that content marketing and SEO are the opposite. In fact, these two marketing methods should continue to merge. Really effective online marketing is inseparable from any party in SEO and content marketing. Here in this article, we will discuss the combination of content marketing with  SEO.

Content Marketing With SEO, SEO and Content Marketing

Key differences between SEO and Content Marketing

There are overlapping parts of SEO and content marketing. But there are also obvious differences.

More about search engine optimization is technology, which includes using the right URL, title and ALT tags, site maps, etc. The part that consolidates the content marketing market strategy from a technical perspective.

In contrast, content marketing more extensive and not necessarily limited to SEO goals. Publishers first need to produce great content as a way to attract and retain readers.

How to closely integrate content marketing with the work of SEO

In some areas, there is a view that SEO is just creating a good content search engine index. Indeed, if the foundation of SEO has not been completed. Content marketing efforts will lose.

For example, if your site has a violation, or if the page indexed by Google is incorrect. Then you need both professional SEO knowledge and rich content. This is why SEO experts and content teams need to work together.

Content Marketing With SEO, SEO and Content Marketing

Here are some ways which combine content marketing with SEO

1. Create quality original content

To a certain extent, using barren content to provide material for Google crawlers has been operation for many years, and now it will not work at all. From a forward-looking point of view of content marketing, thin content production is not conducive to attracting and retaining readers.

On the contrary, from the perspective of SEO, the fascinating original content will make you stand out from many competitors. Because this part of the content is provided to the search engine is an index that cannot be found elsewhere. It will really help your content’s marketing goals, and quality original content is more likely to appeal to your target audience.

2. Create Evergreen content and optimize SEO

Creating Evergreen content is a great strategy for improving your site’s search rankings. A piece of news may become a fresh topic for Google, but it will fade afterwards, and it will not provide long-term benefits. However, a more useful article that contains valuable suggestions and insights will attract more attention. Google tends to look for these more reading articles and increase their search ranking weight.

If you can get the recognition of the search engine, this will be a virtuous circle of search rankings, which means that the article will have more access, resulting in more sales leads, a better ranking of the site itself and so on. For example, an article may be hot searched in 2012, but there are still a large number of readers, which has brought a lot of traffic to the website and gained more sales leads.

3. Keyword research

Keyword research is essential for content marketing and search engine optimization to work well together. First, quality depends on what you’re making, but you also need to make sure the channel gets the content it’s exposed. To do this, your content must conform to the habits of people using search engines.

If you use too many technical terms in your article, this vocabulary may not match the user’s search habits. To avoid this, you need to do some keyword research to find out which terms are popular and match the habits of people searching.

Content creators should have a keyword vocabulary and know how to use them. SEO is essential in the process of content creation and distribution.

4. Monitor the effect of keywords

If you have a list of terms and phrases that are paving the way for content marketing. It’s important to monitor and summarize them in a targeted manner. Are these words good for content marketing? Does their position have an effect on the search results? Don’t expect that the detection will have obvious effects, and the keywords need to change in real-time in order to remain competitive.

Simply put, find out key performance indicators. Test and improve it over and over again.

The above measures cannot guarantee the success of content marketing and SEO, but it is a long-term market strategy. Content marketing is not a trivial market strategy, it plays a key role in achieving search engine optimization. Those selected keywords don’t have to worry about the quality of the article, but the readers won’t pay attention to it.

5. Enhance participation

Marketers also need to empower great content. Expand social networks and enhance participation. Original content has only been widely dispersed on the website. Causing a large number of readers to reprint and become popular posts. In this process, it is possible to further ferment the network influence.

6. Text link

The contextual link is a way to use content to help achieve SEO goals. The contextual link can help Google effectively crawl the content of the site. Help improve the ranking of page search terms and provide more relevant information for the content of the article the reader is reading.

7. Monitoring key indicators

You have the overall goal of improving your website rankings and have made relevant efforts. So using tools to track the ranking of your site and testing your efforts is critical. You can also use analytics tools to see when traffic is changing and which pages and articles are most effective.

Content marketing metrics also need to be monitored. Create relevant content for your target audience. These related metrics also need to be measured, such as bounce rate, time on site, visitor preferences, and more.

List the relevant digital results, so that the content marketing and SEO results can be traced.

8. Optimize the title

The title must be written for the website, and you should consider using keywords in the title. How do people generally search for such related topics? How can the article be discovered? What kind of ranking do you need?

The length of the title should not be too long. First, Google will shorten the length of the title in search results. And people tend to click on the full title that is visible in the search results. Secondly, in terms of social marketing, if the reader wants to share your article on Twitter with others. The title needs to be short enough for the reader to eliminate it, because they may add comments when they retweet. There is also a newsletter, the title should also be the long-range visible in the subject line.


SEO and content marketing are completely different disciplines that require different knowledge and skills. But the success of both sides is inseparable from the other side. Therefore, content marketing teams need to learn SEO and write original content based on a richer understanding and understanding of SEO. But the quality of the content is still the most important and cannot be influenced by the goals of search engine optimization. The SEO team also works with content producers to ensure that content creators understand the basics of SEO and help set up relevant nodes to achieve their ultimate goals.



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